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Wrestler Hulk Hogan (Terry Gene Bollea)

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Real Name:
Terry Gene Bollea
Hulk Hogan
Date Of Birth:
Aug 11th 1953
Place Of Birth:
Augusta, Georgia, United States
432 (89 Pay Per View)
Ring Name(s):
Hollywood Hogan, Hulk Hogan, Hulk Machine, Mr. America

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Promotion: All, AJPW, AWA, Hulkamania, NJPW, PMG, TNA, WCW, WWE, WWF, WWF/SWS, XWF

Hulk Hogan is one of the greatest pro wrestlers ever to appear on television. He was not only popular in America in the 80s and 90s, but also in our country in the 90s, both among wrestling fans and among moviegoers in the most famous series “Thunder in Paradise” and “Rescuers Malibu”, or Ultimatum and Rocky. Even if the films with him are far from the title of outstanding, he was such an outstanding character that he could not help but attract attention.

And at the same time, the Hulk was and remains one of the most controversial wrestlers in wrestling history. None of the wrestling fans remained indifferent to him – the Hulk can either be loved or hated. And there are many reasons for these two such oppositely polarized feelings.

At the beginning of his career, the Hulk was a real American hero in the style of “Captain America” ​​- he could bravely play for a friend, remind children to eat vitamins and pray before bed, not to mention the patriotic spirit in every appearance on the screen. TV powerfully exploited this image. He became the darling of children who saw the Hulk as their role model, rather than their own fathers. And then something went wrong and the incomparable Hulk Hogan suddenly became a bad guy accused of racism, having ties to his friend’s wife and too expensive divorce, as well as using steroids and “betraying” WCW.

Hulkster is a pop culture icon, but there may be something fans don’t know about him.

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